Sunday, December 6

CX State Championships

No snow this year for my final race of this season. It was a pretty nice day. Sunny and a still rising 30 degrees. The coarse was in great shape and only 'greasy' in a couple spots. My goal(s) for the race were to place in the top 10 and/or top third. I crossed the line in 9th, but not sure how many started. I think 25. If this is true, I just barely met by goal.

I started dead last again and this cost me some time on the first lap. Lap 2 I was through the masses and free to ride my own pace. I caught and passed guys at the right times and going into lap 3 I decided to sit on a caught rider and let him pull me through the head wind. Still sitting on heading into the woods I could tell the guy in front was fading. I decided that I would attack on the grass climb and keep attacking through the pit area. I felt if I could get the gap he would get caught in the head wind. It worked. By the time I hit the 'Fly Over' I had about 20 seconds. Start of lap 4 I keep charging as hard as I can. I realize though that I can't see a guy in front of me. I finally get a glimpse of him at the out and back by the lower arena. I try to catch him over the next 1.5 laps, but I wasn't making any ground. The bell starts ringing on lap 6. I am still riding alone. 30 seconds behind and 30 seconds ahead. I keep fighting and hoping the guy in front will make a mistake. He doesn't and the race is over. 175 avg. hr / max 185. Ouch.

Overall I'm content with my first cyclocross season. I learned a lot and know what needs to be done for next season. I will be much better prepared and a contender.

Congratulations to all the Champions and podium finishers. Also an extra nod to Jeff for not quiting and to John Osgood for his beer pits during the SS race. The crowd seemed bigger and louder than most races this season so thanks also to the fans.

Time for a review of the first committed race season and come up with a plan for next season.

Monday, November 30

A New Challenge

The call came in late Saturday night. Group ride Sunday morning from Depot Park in Clarkston. I had a good 2:15:00 ride earlier in the day and was feeling up to the challenge.

I arrive at the parking lot and the first rider I see is Greg Kuhn, I think. More cars show up and the group is impressive. Lummis, Joberon, Simonster, Herriman, Goddard, Reige, Tom Clark and another rider from American Cycles.

I knew now that I was in for some self inflicted torture. The route was the Rhino's back 40, with some extra 'hills' for added miles. The first couple miles went well and I just sat towards the back keeping pace. I almost make it through Rattalee, but just loose the group on the last climb. They turn North and I am trying to gap back with Tom in tow. I chase and keep them in sight, but I am not gaining ground. By the time they turn West the chase is off. Lucky for me Tom was having a bad day and we rode together the rest of the way.

The ride was tough for me. I will do the ride again and see how long I can hold on next time. Sunday is CX Championships, marking the end to race season(s). See you there.

Sunday, November 22

Bloomer Park CX

Before getting out of bed this morning, I knew today's race was going to be rough. Saturday's one hour afternoon preride was the only bike time since Iceman. Too add some additional physical torture Friday night I started skateboarding at Modern Skate and Saturday morning running. Hardly the things I should be doing to prepair for a cyclocross race.

After getting out of bed I realized the trouble I was in. My thighs were blown. Walking down the steps was torture. I needed to hold on to both hand rails and support my body. Oops! Time to loosen up if I could. Breakfast, pack and drive to Bloomer.

Warm up went well and then went to the line. Sitting third (last) row I wasn't sure how the start was going to be. Going into the first right hander the race started having it's problems. Guys scrambling from side to side looking for lines, making for some nervous moments. Coming to the first barrier we were bunched up 3-4 across and getting over and back on quick was going to be important. Once back on it was time to stand and go past as many guys as possible. I continue moving past riders until 2 to go. The lack of training and weeks 'other' activities took their toll.

2 to go. I am loosing the gap up to the Flying Rhinos rider and a rider from Essex Bras, that I had passed earlier, had bridged back and was sitting on. I gave a few attacks on the short grass climbs and out of corners, trying to shake him. Going up the climb behind the velodrome he was still there. I moved over to see if you would come through, but no luck. One last attempt up the velodrome climb and through the off camber. I had a bobble and was out of ideas. I rode comfortably for the rest of the lap and decided to start the sprint a little early. Just before we hit the final asphalt I started my sprint on the grass, trying again to get a small gap. Just onto the asphalt he pulls along side and starts clicking the gears. I put my head down and bury myself for about 10 strokes, but he is pulling away and I have nothing left. I gave my all and can't complain. I finished 13 of 29.

My wife and kids came to see me, so that was nice. Also, thanks to Jeff and Spike for the support. A couple weeks to the State Championships and I'm not sure what to think. I'll just wait and see.

Wednesday, November 11

Ice Ice Baby

Rolled to Crystal Mountain on Thursday night to sleep and have a Friday morning ride. After that it was time to hit Traverse City for packet pick-up and see how things would flow with the larger turnout. I was surprised at how smooth it went. The atmophere was awsome and people were in a great mood. After pick-up and check-in it was time to visit Brickwheels, for a thinner base layer and free water bottle and then go downtown for dinner. Back in the room by 8:30 and loading the ride bag for morning.

6:45 am - Time for breakfast then off to Kalkaska. Walked outside to 48 deg. and a rising sun. 20 minutes of light warm-up, then it was time to get in line. When I arrived at the start I was again surprised at how smooth things went. I easily got to the third row of my group and enjoyed the coast guard flyover. Chatted with some guys in line, saw JJC to my left ready to race, then it was 2 minutes to start and time to loose the vest and arm warmers.

Go - The race started with a quick sprint for about 50 yards then we settled in for the first left hand turn. I thought this would create some crashes, but everyone was attentive and calling out "LEFT, LEFT". After the turn we caught some head wind and the leaders slowed, allowing the field to swell across the road. This didn't last long, because now it was a race for the dirt. Just before we hit the service road before the school the group strung out 2-3 wide. Now on the dirt it was time to get position and think ahead to the right hand onto the two track. We made the right turn and I decided to stay put on the 'trail' and not power through the grass to move up. After making the next left the coarse opens to 2 track and this is when you have to make some moves. I was about 20-25? and guys were already feeling the start. The small rollers were slowing guys down so you needed to find away around. Feeling great I continue moving forward one guy at a time. Only 25 more miles left -then FLAT!!! WTF!!!

I move off the trail and begin the tube change. I knew it was going to take awhile because just the day before I swapped the rear wheel out. The tire is a bitch to get on the rim. I get the blown tube off and check the tire for debris. Nothing, so I blow the tube to find the leak. It's on the inside? I look inside the tire and see the rim tabe has moved and a spoke hole is exposed. I move it back over and put the new tube in - pump and check to make sure the tires sitting well. It's not. The rim strip is sticking out between the tire and rim? Deflate, move strip and pump again. I check and everything looks good. I call to some riders to see what group is now passing. 50-54 expert. I have lost at least 15 minutes.

Back on the bike I settle in fast, time to go. I am passing people left,right and through the middle. I still feel great and can't believe how strong I feel. I am flying up the climbs and keep the big ring turning over all the way through Williamsburg Rd. The race had it's slower moments. Three of the four single track sections were spent behind slower, less technical riders. My heart rate dropped from 165+ down to the 135-140 range. Sit and wait for things to open back up.
Made it to Timber Ridge and enjoyed the finish. My official time was 2:14:58. I know I could've done a 1:55:00-1:57:00. We will never know for sure. I'll have to wait for next year.

I had a great weekend. Everything went smooth. I drank way too much beer and my friend Jamie had is best IceMan ever. Life is Good. Last 3 Tailwinds Cross races then some rest.

Sunday, November 1

I didn't know they made 9th place trophies

Saturday's Veterans Park CX Ann Arbor was fun. Mid week I still wasn't sure I was going, but on Thursday night I registered and was commited. I made the drive and got ready to race. The temps were mild, but the wind was strong. I lined up towards the back per usual and had to be patient for the first lap. I passed when I could and moved through the group. The leaves and muddy climbs proved troublesome at time. I had problems clipping in several times and it cost me time and possition. I had a good race and lap times were consistent. I finished 9th of 30. I need to start towards the front and just go. If I fall back then I'll know where I stand.

Next weekend is IceMan w/ 4,000 other racers so anything is possible. My group has about 140+ riders registered. That reminds me of the old NORBA days. The lead out from town will be frantic and will set up most of the race for people. Your going to need to fight early and hope to recover after you get onto the two track.

Well that's it for now. IceMan then the last 3 tailwinds cross races before this season is over. Bitter sweet.

Monday, October 19

Peak 2 Peak

This was my third trip to the Fall race at Crystal Mountain. I had a great time and enjoyed the scenery in Northern Michigan. How was the race?

It was a typical 'roll out' down the asphalt. The guys seemed to settle in quickly and rode relaxed until we crested the small hill. Then the pack began to swell at the front and going into the left hander you needed to be attentive. Guys were breaking, tires rubbing and elbows out. Now it was time to make the right hand turn onto the dirt and fight for a place on the trail. Having finally settled down the train started through the fast, sweeping single track of the Betsie River Trail. The body was feeling strong and relaxed. Nothing much happened until we reached the climbs. It seemed like people just stopped. Riders got bunched up so you needed to find your way around or loose time. On the short steep climb towards the end of the lap I dismounted and ran up. I passed 4 guys! Crazy! Then the climb to the top. It seemed tough. I was looking for a comfortable line and the legs weren't turning over as quickly. Like I said it was tough. Lap 1 @ 43:xx.

Lap 2 was basically a power test. Go as hard as you could when you could. The riders were thinned out so you tried and ride with a group and when you hit the 2 track go for the pass or hold on. All was still going well until the climb up the slope. Again, I couldn't get comfortable and turn over the gear. Made it over and down. Lap 2 @ 44:xx

Lap 3 started off with some EFS and water on the cart path, quickly followed by putting my head down hand and pounding down the road. After turning onto the trail I thought the final lap was going to be fine. It changed after the climb up from the Betsie River Valley. I stood and powered up the climb. About 10 feet from the top it kicks slightly and that's were it happened. The cramp! My left thigh, on the outer quad started cramping. I eat the rest of my EFS and drank what I had but it was too late. I lightened by pedaling and dropped the heart rate to around 155. I didn't have any more cramping until I picked up the HR. On the last climb I suffered. I was riding middle /32 and wanted to go easier, but I wasn't going granny. The cadence slowed and I struggled to the top. The finish line came and I finished in 2:15:36 with a 48:xx final lap. I dropped off by 4 minutes.

The glass is still half full. I did 6 minutes better than last year and had a pre-race goal of 2:15:00. Next stop is Ann Arbor CX and then IceMan. I am still on track for my IceMan goal so I need to stay focused for three more weeks.

Tuesday, September 22

Double Cross Day 2

Not much to say about day two. Lined up for the 'B' race after a 30 minute warm up. I felt better and started faster. I was about mid pack going into the dirt and wanted to move up. I picked my spots and started passing guys one at a time. Going into lap two I knew from Day 1 that I couldn't wait and feeling confident I continued pushing forward. Still feeling strong I stood on the straights and longer climbs, moving forward. Then on the short climb before the back asphalt section I broke my chain. Day over!

What could have been? The group I passed earlier finished 10-15th. Would I have broke the top 10? Would I have faded? Can't think about what if. I need to remember what I learned and be better prepared for the November races. For now it's back to the MTB and getting ready for P2P and Ice Man. Despite all the poor racing I still had fun.

Saturday, September 19

Michgan Double Cross - Day 1

Day 1 has come and gone with much disappointment. I showed up too early, having misread the start times, and under nourished. The race started and right off the line I was dead last, struggling to stay in contact. The bike handling felt good, but when the coarse opened up I had no power. Guys kept going by on the road sections and I couldn't hold on. I was lapping around 7:25 - 7:35 vs 6:50 or so for the leaders. The consistency was O.K. I was just slow! I will rest and refuel for another day tomorrow. Not sure if I will do Masters 35+ or 'B'. There is a scheduling conflict. Either way I will fight again and see what happens.

Monday, September 14

Addison Oaks

Wasn't sure I was going to make the race when I woke up on Sunday. My 'IF' was still hanging in the garage crankless! (It's been 2 weeks since I broke the spindle on my XTR. Warranty takes forever.) So after breakfast I thought 'F' it.

8:15 A.M. I call my boy Spike and asked to use his bike. "If you want." he said. Not knowing I was planning on racing his fine 19" KHS that he acquired by exchanging a pack of gum for it. No-not really. Not sure what he traded it for? It came outfitted with a Marzocchi Bomber fork, front disk brake, non-functioning computer and fully functioning bell .

8:30 A.M. Back at home swapping pedals, adjusting the rear brake and trying to stiffen the fork.

8:45 A.M. Trucks loaded and I'm on my way to Addison for a 10 A.M. start.
(skip ahead)
9:45 A.M. On the bike for a quick pre-ride to see how the bike handled. After the first climb I realized I forgot to adjust the saddle height, so I was a bit low. At the top I took a quick right and dove into the single track to check tire pressure. When I hit the asphalt 2-way towards the start finish I saw the Elite go by. OH SH!T I'm going to miss my start.

10:03 A.M. I stash a water bottled by the lap counter and head to the line. I pull up and hear 15 sec. GO! I hit the first climb mid pack? I settled in and felt surprisingly comfortable. I stayed with the guys ahead of me for most of the first lap. Then I got to the single track on the back section, just after the asphalt road. The bike was all over the place. I lost the guys ahead and let some from behind pass. Lap 1 down in 29:38 / sitting in 10th or 11th

Laps 2-4 - Lap 2 started well until I caught a group of 5-6 riders in the first set of single track. Sat on and waited for the pass(s). Finally cleared them after the 2 track along Lake George Rd. then settled back into rhythm. (Fast Forward) Kept moving through riders and feeling more comfortable on the loaner, until the last climb out of the lake valley when my thighs started cramping. I had to shut it down and survive. When I tried to push and chase they seized more. Lap times 30:26 / 30:16 / 30:23. Consistent. I finished 6 of 18 and think I can meet by time goals for P2P and Ice Man (weather permitting).

Still some work to be done before then. CX will help me with faster starts. I know if I can stay with the leaders for the first 10-15 minutes I will finish better because I won't get held up.

Waterford CX 1 and 2 this Saturday. Time to learn some more from the faster guys.

Monday, September 7

Labor Day Weekend 2009

It's official end of summer and riding has been inconsistent this season. I'll have 2-3 weeks of 7-10 hours followed by 2 weeks of weekend only riding. Work, kids, wife and parents have all been tough to juggle. I dusted off the 'planet cross' and rode around the yard practicing dismounts. Today might be my first road race in 10 years at the Devos Pro-Am, if the rain holds off. Cyclocross starts in a couple of weeks and the fall mtb events are amomg my favorites.
A quick Stony Creek recap- After getting home at 1 A.M. from a wedding and consuming too many tapped Oberons I got dressed and started warming up. 5 minutes into warm-up I broke my bottom bracket and thought my day was over. I was lent a 170mm crank for the race. The 'gun' went off and I was about 100' from the starting line because of the crank change. With no warm-up, I pulled myself to the group just before the first climb. My legs loaded up fast and I was left trying to recover and settle in. The 4 laps were more consistent than PLRA and I managed to finish 4th on the day. I was happy with that, but I need to start faster.

Sunday, August 16

PLRA Race Day

I made it through the heat (85 and humid). The race went well for the most part. I finished in 2:20:00, 12th of 19. Not the greatest, but I learned a few things. I need to start quicker, work on endurance and be more aggressive.

I started dead last and settled into the race. The first lap felt good, no pain or soar muscles. It was very humid and I needed to drink often. Lap 1 - 44:00. Lap 2 started as good if not better, about half way through I started getting cold sweats and tingly. (could be trouble?) Lap 2 - 46:XX. Lap 3 started with a quick stop for a stashed water bottle, were I got past by a few people. Then I was off for the final lap. I was feelings about the same until the first big climb. I just couldn't,t get the power down. The few people I managed to pass back now are going by again. This is how things went the rest of the race. I wold catch people and pass on the flats / descents and they would get me on the climbs. It was very aggravating! The final climb blew by the top and struggled to the finish. Lap 3 - 49:XX (NOT GOOD)

I did put in a couple days of hard intervals this week so I wasn't completely rested. No excuses! Need to get back to 3 - 3.5 hr. rides on the weekend so I don't fade so bad.

Sunday, July 26

More set backs

Another week gone by and very little riding. Had a great 2.5 hrs on Tuesday and then I got a summer cold. It started with a horrible soar throat, then congestion, and finally a dry cough. Not out of the woods yet, but I feel better. Going out for a 3-3.5 easy mtb ride to addison oaks. Then spending some time with the family before another week of work.

Sunday, July 12

July so far.....

It's the middle of July and the TDF is a week old. It's been great to watch and I'm sure it will only get better.

The weekly ride time is about 8 hours for the last 3 weeks. I've been increasing the intensity of the rides to include more interval and zone 4/5 work. The power and speed are starting to come, but I need to start sprint work in a few weeks. In races I typically start off slow and work my way through the pack. By focusing on faster starts and doing more cyclocross races I should improve on this trouble spot.

Today is going to be a road ride of around 2-2.5 hours at zone 2. Next weekend I am at scout camp with my son, so no riding. I will go hard this week and use the weekend for rest.

Monday, June 8

One More Week?

We are in the first full week of June and my weekly bike time has not increased since the last post. I did get out yesterday for a 3:45:00 / 55 mile ride. I took Squirrel to Kern and finally to Bald Mtn. for 1 lap of the North Loop then back home. Everything felt surprisingly good until the last 20 minutes. My thighs suddenly loaded up and I struggled the last 5 miles. I made it home and enjoyed an afternoon of F1, nascar and the Dauphine. One more week until the wife is out of school and morning 'prework' riding can start.

2 weeks until the Stony Creek Marathon, so I will need to spend more time on the bike the next few weeks so I don't go in too sluggish.

It was nice seeing Tim D. on the ride yesterday and going over the season plans. Lastly, welcome back Jeff aka 'lil pony'. I enjoy your P.O.V. and keeping me upto date on the goings on w/ cycing.

Sunday, May 31

Weekend Warrior

Spring is back in full force and that means work. We are back working 6 full days and Sundays are spent preping for the week or home chores. I have managed to get on the bike most Sundays for 2-3 hour rides. It has helped me relax. I am reviewing the race schedule and ride plan. Work is stacked up through June, so we will continue with Saturday's until July. The wife gets done with teaching in a couple weeks and I am thinking of morning rides before work?

That's all for now.

Tuesday, April 28

09 season opener - PLRA TT

Recap of Events-

It all started Saturday afternoon. The plan was to ride from J's to PLRA and do a loop. Shortly after arriving at his house the 'storm' moved in. 60+ mph winds and heavy rain for a short 20-30 minutes. The rain and wind stopped and it was time to go. The total ride was 2:15, a bit longer than I wanted, because of several down trees.

Sunday- I woke feeling tired. The night before was a long dinner at Union, where I consumed the following - 1 pint Oberon, 1 pint Guiness, 1 snifter of Hop Slam, 1 glass of Stags Leap Chardonnay, 1 bowl Angus Chili, 1 bowl Mac and Cheese, finally a small shake for desert. Mistake(s)!

Arriving at the venue 35 minutes before the start I quickly received my number and got dressed. I did 20 minutes of light warm up and went to the line. 3-2-1-GO. Started slow feeling things out. The body reacted better than I thought so I began going harder. After the first lap my thighs loaded up and the climbs became tougher, so I decided to gear up and not overdue it. I rode most of the TT in zone 4 and finished feeling good. I have learned from the day and will make some changes for the next race.

I did not list this as one of my preseason events and going in rated it a 'C' priotity. I had 9 hrs. of riding for the week so the overall goals for the race were to finish in the top half and stay consident for the 2 laps. I finished 8th of 20 and my second lap was a minute slower than the first. The other riders in my cat. had similar second lap increases so I can say I met both goals. Not with flying colors, but the glass is more than half full.

This is a rest and recovery week in the schedule. I will have some time to review my training and make some changes.

Wednesday, April 22

3 Days of Rain

It's Wednesday morning and the rain is still hanging around. It's spotty and the ground is wet. I hope it clears out by noon so I can have a better ride today. Yesterday I went out between radar blobs thinking I was safe for a couple hours? NO! I got caught by a short 10 minute dumping with some sleet added in for fun.

I am registered for PLRA TT this Sunday, so now the 'scattered thunderstorms' need to hold off until the evening.

Sunday, April 19

Spring Riding

I haven't done much riding on the road bike since the last post. I did cross the 1,000 mile mark for the season, currently 1206 at 82 hrs. Instead I've taken advantage of the dry dirt roads and trails. Went out to PLRA today for 3 loops of rough riding. I averaged 46.5 minutes a lap so I'm happy.

Most of the rides have been from home to Stony Creek or dirt roads in N. Oakland County, including two failed attempts at Bald and Addison. Still too wet there.

This week's focus will be on balancing the not so scheduled work of landscaping, riding and family obligations. Along with the seasons first race, the Pontiac Lake TT. I will post the results and recap on Sunday.

Thursday, April 2

Trail Day......

Hit Stony today for a 2hr stroll through the woods. Still soft in some spots, but it was nice getting in the trails yet again.

The weekend looks iffy? I am still planning on PLRA for Saturday, but that could change.

Road 'Racing' will take place after the Easter holiday. FRCC #3, Kensignton Valley, and maybe Cone-Azalia. These will be training races. I will put in the effort, but will not worry about the results.
Oh yah......the post ride beverage. Second of the season.

Wednesday, April 1

April 1st. No fools here.

It's time for the fun to begin. I received some good news over the last couple days.

1) Oberon has arrived for 09.
2) Tool is touring again this summer.
(so are NIN w/ Janes Addiction)
3) Beer and Brat Fest at Crystal Mtn.

Sunday, March 29

I love the smell of worms in the morning.

The rain stopped and the clothes went on. Departed at 10 am for 3 hrs. The worms were out in force. They stuck to the bike, my back and shoes. The wind let up and the sun even peaked out for a moment. The ride was fun.

Let's see how the weather goes this week. Looks better than they were thinking a couple days ago. I'm going easy through the week and hoping I can get to the trails over the weekend.

Congratulations to Simonster at Barry-Roubiax. 3:11:00 over 62 gravel road miles is haulin.

That's all for today. Nascar has 40 to go. F1 Australia 41 to go and Cyclism Sunday is being DVRed. The black and tan is poured and the wife has just finished making dinner. Life is good!

Saturday, March 21

Base training has started.

Had a slow start to the week. Only 3 hrs of riding through Thursday. I wasn't feeling healthy and thought the cold was still with me. Friday I went out to see how things felt and the body felt great. Put in 7.5 hrs over the last 3 days and woke up today still healthy. Increasing the weekly hours again so things are back on schedule.

I enjoy getting out on the dirt roads in N. Oakland. Still rough in spots, but it's nice not worrying about cars and traffic lights. I've enjoyed trying some new routes and seeing how I can change ride times for a given day.

The trails still look like another couple weeks before they dry out? We have rain forecast this week and more cold temps for next week.

This week I my have more road riding so I can give the upper body some rest and start prep. for FRCC and Kensignton. My MTBing events don't get going till the end of May.

Saturday, March 14

First 3 hr ride of the season

Did the mapped ride below almost exact. I went through stony creek to 28 mile instead of snell to snead. I had to stop for water at the trail head parking lot. Saw Robert H. just past Tienken headed home. The dirt roads are still real bad in some spots. Kern south of Clarkston / Draihner between Lake George and Rochester. Most of the others were dry. Still some big holes and others were like gravel pits. It's only mid March so things are good.

Quick stats on the ride 46.1 miles, avg mph 14.8, time 3:10:00, z1 58, z2 110, z3 15, z4 5.

Ride felt great. Post ride "Best Brown Ale" last one in the fridge and shower.
Oberons start in the next couple weeks so spring is here!

Post shower- Time to rest and eat. Refueling in Rochester.

Taking the road bike out tommorrow for a light 1.5 hr. a.m. spin. The next week starts Base! How low can you go?


Most of my quick daily updates will be on twitter. Weekly (or longer) updates will be here. Along with results, routes and rides.

Todays planned ride.

I'll let you know how it goes on twitter.

Thursday, March 12


Just set up my twitter account Now I have something else to keep me busy.

Had to bump my training back a week. Got sick and really tired. Not sure if it was the time change or the beginning of spring work? Oh well - final week of prep. and onto base. The weather looks great for the next 7-10 days so I plan on getting in 5-6 hours this weekend.

Time to get dressed for the days ride. Currently 27 with snow flurries. Better than yesterdays 31 with 20 mph winds gusting 30+.

Tuesday, March 3

Last week of prep.?

The last week of prep? Looks that way. After this week I should be around 450 miles and 50 hours of bike/cross/weight training. Training is going well. Went out to the dirt roads this past week because I need a break from the concrete and asphalt. The roads were a mess and bit slower, but it was nice to get on some of the climbs. The ride lasted longer then I planed, coming in at just under 3 hours at 39.2 miles.

It's time to get ready to change things up. Base training starts next week and that means increasing hours from 7.5 to 10. I will be introducing some speed and force workouts along with a 3 hour +/- weekend ride. This will last for several weeks with some weekend FRCC training races in the beginning of April.

For now it's one more week of prep. and mapping routes for next phase. The season still seems so far away, but I know it will be here very soon.

Oh yah......I think I'm in for Ice Man this year? With the way the registration has been going no one knows for sure.

Monday, February 16

Base Training

It's mid February and the base miles and training have just started. I don't feel that I have lost to much from last season. The average speeds vs. heart rate are looking good as are soreness and fatigue levels. The biggest obstacle recently is the weather. I plow commercial and residential properties so when the snow comes I am up at 4 a.m. (or all night) and work at least 5 hours or up to 20. It messes up the schedule.

The schedule went as planned this week. I got in my hours and had my first 30+ mile ride. I rode in weather from 57 and sunny, 39 and windy (gusts 30 mph), and 30 with snow showers. Getting dressed is sometimes a guessing game. On everyone of these days I saw someone else out riding. It just reminds me that I am not the only one.

Looks like another interesting week of weather, so lets see what happens. Might be forced on the trainer. I hope not, that thing is torture.

Monday, February 9

First Week In The Journal

The weather this past week was great. Temps in the 40's or higher with some windy days, but that just adds to the resistance. The weather still looks good for the near future with some heavy rain and more wind predicted until we get back to 'normal' by next week.

I had 3 days on the bike and 1 day nordic skiing for a total of 6 hours, plus daily stretching and core alternating days. I hate core training! My weight is still way to high so I need to focus more on my diet and stop eating so late. Things are going well on the bike. No problems with soreness, cramping or fatigue. Even on my longest ride of 2.5 hours, I felt that I could have gone another hour. One week doesn't make a season, but things are starting well.

This weeks focus is on building a schedule that will help me stay consistent through April. That's when landscape work really starts. One day off, 2 days of indoor/weights and 4 days on the bike for about 7.5 hours total. This should last the next 5-6 weeks until I start base work mid March.

Tuesday, February 3

Time to get started

It's February already and that silly ground vermin says 6 more weeks of winter. I can't wait that long! Time to ride. Being in the plow business I haven't had much rest with all the snow flying. I have been on the bike a hand full of times over the past month and had a blast. Winter riding seems quiter. The trails at Bald Mountain have been great for winter, but the dirt roads have bitten back a couple of times. (studs would help)

Not much snow in the forcast and temperatures on the rise so riding should be enjoyable. Time to get out and see how it goes.