Sunday, August 16

PLRA Race Day

I made it through the heat (85 and humid). The race went well for the most part. I finished in 2:20:00, 12th of 19. Not the greatest, but I learned a few things. I need to start quicker, work on endurance and be more aggressive.

I started dead last and settled into the race. The first lap felt good, no pain or soar muscles. It was very humid and I needed to drink often. Lap 1 - 44:00. Lap 2 started as good if not better, about half way through I started getting cold sweats and tingly. (could be trouble?) Lap 2 - 46:XX. Lap 3 started with a quick stop for a stashed water bottle, were I got past by a few people. Then I was off for the final lap. I was feelings about the same until the first big climb. I just couldn't,t get the power down. The few people I managed to pass back now are going by again. This is how things went the rest of the race. I wold catch people and pass on the flats / descents and they would get me on the climbs. It was very aggravating! The final climb blew by the top and struggled to the finish. Lap 3 - 49:XX (NOT GOOD)

I did put in a couple days of hard intervals this week so I wasn't completely rested. No excuses! Need to get back to 3 - 3.5 hr. rides on the weekend so I don't fade so bad.