Friday, December 30

Every End is A New Beginning

2011 was a season(s) of enjoying the scene. I was hoping for more when in came to results but will take what I got. I met a lot of new people and grew some relationships stronger, so that makes up for results. Looking back over my info I'm not surprised on how racing went.

I started riding on January 17 and kept it up for about 3 months but only logged 500 miles. I didn't do any other training so that's it. April was better and by May I had managed 985 miles. Then work hit full force and I didn't keep track of riding at all. I know I didn't ride in June and finally got back to riding in early July.  When the dust settles the year has ended with 2,500 - 2,750 miles / 150 - 166 hrs.

2012 is will be a season of more focus and commitment. I will focus on my family, career and the joy of cycling. I have completed my plan and have started preparing for next season. Things will be very busy, so scheduling will be very important.

That's all for 2011. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

Monday, December 5

CX State Championship - Bitch Slapped!

Bragging Rights Bitches! Has been a joke since Iceman for Osgood, Selle and Me, so it was only fitting that Championship morning was No different. The phrase was posted and now it was time to see what happened.

The coarse was muddy and the temps were warm for December and my mind was ready to get it on. Got to the line late, because no one else heard the 10 minutes late start and now was 3rd row. Not good considering I wanted 3rd wheel going into the mud. After looking around I noticed Pete Thompson, Andy Weir? and Pat Russell had joined our group. That top 3 finish is looking more out of reach. Away we go.....

Into the mud I'm mid pack and worried about a crash. That doesn't happen but guys are all over, this doesn't make A. Weir happy and he makes a comment 'Guys are riding like a bunch of C racers'. I haven't checked the results yet so I hope he dropped done and won that championship earlier in the day. Down the first hill and soon off the bike and like Forest I am running. Past a few guys but still losing too much ground to the leaders (Pete is already gone). The field strung out quick, halfway through the first lap I have no clue on my position. What I did know is I was sinking in the mud. I foolishly tried to pedal through it and was losing even more time. I finally realized I should run more after Dan B. jogged by me on lap 2, I think. That was quicker, look at him go. I just kept riding and didn't know what lap I was on or how many were left. I do remember them saying 3 to go then I thought I heard the bell lap next time around? Not sure, maybe I was losing it mentally.  I still had two laps left and knew I was out of the top 5, but Hilditch was behind me and Osgood and I were trading jabs. He would lead then me, back and forth for almost 2 laps. I didn't get away from him until the last half of the final lap. I raced hard and had fun. Finished 6th for Masters 35+ and 3rd 40-44. I have bragging rights on Osgood and Selle but was Bitch Slapped by the rest. Oh well, that's my fault.

The spectators were great and hearing the cheers around the coarse was awesome. I didn't realize that many people knew me. It felt great. It was funny though when racing with John the last few laps, because it seemed like some people were cheering for both of us.

Great rides to ALL the Champions Sven, Don, Pete, Kelly, Andrea and others.
Way to go Jeff on the 2nd place, I was so glad to see you having fun and riding in your element. It was impressive.
Thank you DC for the support and advice this season.  It will be put to work next year.You had a great year.
Congratulations to Simon for his series title and also Osgood and Johnson on rounding things out.

Not sure what others are doing next season, but I'm staying in Masters 35+. Next year though I will be focused on Cross. Early plan is similar to last year with less focus on cross country races and more on endurance through June. Maybe head to Colorado for the Firecracker 50 in July and Start ramping up training in August for the Fall races(Rhonde, Grampian, P2P, Iceman) and Cyclo Cross. More to come as things finalize. More thanks and flash backs as well in the coming weeks. Thanks everyone and enjoy the ride.