Monday, April 26

Redemption.....PLRA TT Report

Going into the weekend I was feeling unsure about my goals for this race.  I was aiming for a 1:25:00 - 1:30:00 finishing time, but the weeks events didn't go smooth.  I was off the bike since Tuesday and Saturday's R&R was anything but.  I finally settled down at 11 pm and watched the news before going to sleep. 

Sunday morning went smooth and I was off to the race.  Arrived about 1 hour before my start and went through the pre-race rituals.  I brought the trainer so I didn't have to ride the wet roads, but when I set the bike up it was a no go.  The 29" was hitting the ground with the fat tires on.  Hit the road for warm up and arrived at the start house with 2 minutes to spare. 

Lap 1-  Go!  I start pedaling and never looked back (literally).  The guy I lined up with was behind me in the first 20' and the rest of the ride I was looking forward.  Even on the switchbacks and other sections I didn't look back.  I had a plan and thats what mattered.  The plan was quite simple- Go all out for the first 5 minutes, settle into the 160's and attack the climbs.  If you dip below 160 push harder.  Leg speed and power seemed very comfortable.  My breathing was good and I was catching riders.  The trail was in great shape, considering the rain, and I was focused.  Lap one is done and my computer says 42:00 flat!  F'Ya I'm on pace to beat my goal.

Lap 2-  Still feeling comfortable for the first couple miles, but then the ride seemed harder and less fluid.  After the 'big' climb I was all over the place and seemingly hitting every rock and root.  The full rigid was taking it's toll.  Just before the airstrip a rider I passed earlier caught and passed.  I wasn't letting him ride away.  I kept talking to myself and yelling in my head, but by the time we hit the climb out of the valley he was gone.  I told myself there were only 4/3/2, then 1 climb left.  I hit the fire road and buried myself.  I crossed the line in 1:24:17.  Good for top step on the podium.  I'm happy, but now the target is on my back?  Or maybe not, I'm still the not very well known, and that's how I like it.

Monday, April 5

Drinking The Kool Aide

Well it's been 10 days since I received the new ride.  My first 29" a Niner E.M.D. w/ carbon fork.  This bike is sweet!  It has just over 233 miles, but that number will be jumping fast.  I have a 35+ miler for tomorrow with the Paint Creek Group then my first hundo of the season on Saturday for the 4 County Gravel Grinder (see previuos blog for link).  Still need some parts to complete the build, but it will do for now.