Sunday, August 25

Not Cross Season Yet.

This week is going to be HOT!
Temps in the upper 80's - 90.

Sunday, August 18

Just because.......

It's 1:00 am on a Saturday Night (morning).  I'm returning from the Kid Rock concert and probably have had 1 too many beers. So let's do this!
For several years I have considered managing my own cycling team. The premise is based around  Michigan companies and people who I respect, support and believe in.
The team culture isn't based on results. It's about people with a who cares attitude,  who ride and race because they LOVE IT! Almost an oxymoron. We will support everyone we can, regardless if you wear our kit or not.  We are all part of the cycling community. 
Why do this?
Why not. 
This is my plan for the coming future.  A way to give back to a sport and life I love.  Will it last? Will it suck ass? Who knows?
You have to try.
Love it.
Hate it.
Support it.
Hope it fails. 
I hope not. 
I have a plan.  It may not be pretty at times, but I believe it will be work.
See you this fall.

Sunday, August 11


One More Week. I just got back from family vacation.