Monday, June 8

One More Week?

We are in the first full week of June and my weekly bike time has not increased since the last post. I did get out yesterday for a 3:45:00 / 55 mile ride. I took Squirrel to Kern and finally to Bald Mtn. for 1 lap of the North Loop then back home. Everything felt surprisingly good until the last 20 minutes. My thighs suddenly loaded up and I struggled the last 5 miles. I made it home and enjoyed an afternoon of F1, nascar and the Dauphine. One more week until the wife is out of school and morning 'prework' riding can start.

2 weeks until the Stony Creek Marathon, so I will need to spend more time on the bike the next few weeks so I don't go in too sluggish.

It was nice seeing Tim D. on the ride yesterday and going over the season plans. Lastly, welcome back Jeff aka 'lil pony'. I enjoy your P.O.V. and keeping me upto date on the goings on w/ cycing.