Sunday, January 31

Another Week of Riding

Made my scheduled hours and miles for another week. It was a bit colder with windchills and temps in the teens almost everyday, so getting dressed took a little longer. The body continues to feel better and I am still taking it slow, so I don't get any injuries.

Tomorrow is February 1st. Last year this was the day I started riding. Back then I weighed in at 189 lbs. and it took me until the first week of March to reach 320 miles. Today I am 10 lbs less and have already reached 325 miles in the first 3 weeks of training.

Another month is here. I hope the temps warm up a little. It makes riding more enjoyable, but if they don't I will continue the journey and just enjoy the ride.

Sunday, January 24

Good Bye January Thaw

The 'warm' weather is going to leave for a while. It was nice while it lasted. Exceeded the scheduled training hours for this week and the legs are slowly coming back. I had some nice rides and was excited to ride some dry dirt roads. Finished the week with 8.5 hours and 118 miles.

This week the temps are going back into the low-mid 20's and we have some snow in the forecast. Adding another day of core and starting 'strength' training. I say this loosely because it is a mix of plyo, light weights and yoga. Still aiming for 7 hrs on the bike w/ 100+ miles. Until next week.

Sunday, January 17

First Week Back

The first week for 2010 training has come to an end. All did not go according to plan, but the week ended with some good rides. I took a little too much time off the bike after the cyclcross season, so the miles will be slow and tough at times. It feels good to get back in the saddle(no pun intended) and begin another journey of discovery and education.

I will being riding in some new events this year and seeing some trails and towns that I have not been to before. I have already found some new routes that I will be using. I have ridden past these roads for years and never bothered to see where they went. Now I know and it was worth the look. I know there are still many roads not traveled and I am excited to see were they lead.

Tomorrow starts another week and the weather looks good. I am planning a new ride for the weekend so I hope the dirt roads lose the mud. This week it got dirty.

Sunday, January 3


It was a challenging 2009 return to racing. The early riding went well, but when May arrived the riding slowed. My landscape work kicked in full steam and things remained busy until the end of June. I did most of the races I had planned and finished mid-pack. I would rate the season a B-. I am eager to make a stronger effort for 2010 and I have a feeling this is going to be a great year. Not only for my riding, but also for my family and business.

The new year and season(s) are starting to come together. The schedule is 80% done. The training schedule 70% done. I should have most of it finalized by this weekend. I do know that I start training next Monday. I will post a more detailed report this weekend. There are still some unanswered questions. Should I ride for a shop? Will the snow finally show up and make training tough because I plow? Will my nagging plantar fasciitis slow me down? Somethings will be answered sooner than others.