Monday, February 28

Hot, Cold / On, Off

Another week of Snow!  I plowed 4 of the last 7 days and between storms, had to repair equipment, replenish salt reserves and move snow piles.  The money is good, but I'm ready for a break! 

It's nice to read the new blog postings and see who's doing what.  Robert continues to log many miles, Tim F stirs the pot and shares his thoughts.  While some 'new'  sceners (Os and Lako) are putting in some winter training in preparation for a strong season.  Thanks everyone for sharing and remember why you ride and what motivates you.

This week's goals are to get back on track and finalize my race schedule.  It starts with a windy ride today and tomorrow's 'Iceman' registration.  How many people will continue to complain about races and promotions? (visit the MMBA forum)  Change and progress are good and take time.  I'll try and make weekly / bi-weekly updates until the season gets started, but for now any rides will be briefed through twitter.

Good luck to everyone on Iceman registration.

Sunday, February 20

It Just Feels Good

It was my first full week back on the bike and it just feels good.  I rode 6:48:00 for 109.3 hours, not epic riding, but it was fun.  My route has been up and down Beach Rd. with a loop around the Cranbrook / Kensington Rd. area.  Traffic is quite and there are some nice dirt  and paved climbs.  I will keep on this schedule for the next 2-3 weeks until I up the ride times and start some harder efforts 1-2 times a week.  Barry Roubaix might be back on, but it looks like a week of decision.  For now it's back to the Daytona 500, waiting for the snow to stop so I can go to work, and watching the World Championships of Cyclocross.  Universal Sports (Comcast 295) is Running it tonight (Sunday), but I DVR'd the womens from last night.  I already know who won, but missed the live streams because of family obligations.

Wednesday, February 9

Slow Go 2 No Go!

Well I haven't been on the bike in almost 3 weeks.  I missed Lumber Jack registration and Barry Roubaix is a bust this year for me.  Looks like I will plan for the Pontiac Lake TT and start riding Friday.  I have a new Spring plan and will be ready for the season.  Whatever that means?