Tuesday, March 30


The first 'race' of my season is in the books and like the title says I'm disappointed. The event was Barry-Roubaix and my prerace goal was 2 hrs or less. My official finishing time was 2:08:17 for 35 miles. This placed me 182 of 440 finishers overall and 35 of 51 in my category. I just wasn't ready for this race. I have the miles in my legs, but the weeks preperations were less than ideal. Enough crying, I learned my lesson.

Next up is the 4 county gravel grinder on April 10th.  It's 100 mile group ride in SE Michigan. It will be my first century of the year and a good early test for the upcoming ultra endurance events.  For Easter weekend though I will be doing a 60 mile dirt road ride and visiting PLRA for the first time this season.

Sunday, March 21

Let the games begin!

The first full week of Spring and the first race of my season, Barry-Roubaix. I'm doing the 35 mile race in the expert class. My goal is to ride in a certain HR range. This is nothing more than a practice race. I'm not copping out, there are just other races that will be more important to me. I'll get the chance to ride in a new event and hopefully ride my NEW NINER!

I might be one of the last guys out here riding a 26". I know on local rides that's true. Fingers crossed the Niner will be done by Wednesday. It's being built a fully rigid 2x10, w/32c Kenda small blocks for the race. By the time Pontiac Lake TT arrives I hope to have a Fox 100 RLC on the front. With the new bike comes a new team.

I never represented a team or local shop before. In my prime I road for national sponsors and was responsible for me and them (the company) not individuals. I'm excited! I've only met some of the Team, but it looks like they are a good match for me and what I want from cycling.

Well it's another busy week. Something planned every night through Sunday. I'll post pictures from the race/travels. See some of you there and Good Luck.

Sunday, March 14

New Beginnings....New Goals

Spring is a week away and with this new season comes the start of racing, landscaping and goals. I have a new team and a new bike for 2010. (Details to come). New races for me and new goals. It's time to look forward and take what I have from the past and use it to grow and improve myself. As much as a result compares you to others it also shows you how you have progressed (or not). I have a good feeling about where I'm at and where I'm going. Things won't improve over night, but they will be better and when the season(s) is over I know I will be proud of what I have accomplished.

Everything requires a plan and the ability to adapt, persevere and overcome. Only time will tell how all these play out. Two more weeks until Barry-Roubaix and the first measure of where I'm at.

Sunday, March 7

Sunny Days (literally)

First week of March has past and there was sun for multiple days. Temps flirted with 50 deg and the riding miles came easy. 145 miles on the week and 830 for 2010. This week looks 'warm' with a chance of rain towards weeks end. Going for 170+ so I can surpass the 1K mark. Why? Why not! Right now I have fallen back in love with riding. 2-3 hour rides seem the same as 1 hour. Soon racing will start and the real 'training' efforts will take over. I hope it doesn't spoil the fun because this has been a great start. It won't. I won't let it.

Everyday I clip-in and roll down the drive a sense of calm and peace come over me. I'm free. Free to think. Free from my phone. Free from everything else. This freedom makes me a better person. It balances me and reminds me that life is about experiences. I choose to experience things through riding. Find your passion and desire and let it free you. You have the power of choice, whether you believe it or not, so choose.