Tuesday, April 28

09 season opener - PLRA TT

Recap of Events-

It all started Saturday afternoon. The plan was to ride from J's to PLRA and do a loop. Shortly after arriving at his house the 'storm' moved in. 60+ mph winds and heavy rain for a short 20-30 minutes. The rain and wind stopped and it was time to go. The total ride was 2:15, a bit longer than I wanted, because of several down trees.

Sunday- I woke feeling tired. The night before was a long dinner at Union, where I consumed the following - 1 pint Oberon, 1 pint Guiness, 1 snifter of Hop Slam, 1 glass of Stags Leap Chardonnay, 1 bowl Angus Chili, 1 bowl Mac and Cheese, finally a small shake for desert. Mistake(s)!

Arriving at the venue 35 minutes before the start I quickly received my number and got dressed. I did 20 minutes of light warm up and went to the line. 3-2-1-GO. Started slow feeling things out. The body reacted better than I thought so I began going harder. After the first lap my thighs loaded up and the climbs became tougher, so I decided to gear up and not overdue it. I rode most of the TT in zone 4 and finished feeling good. I have learned from the day and will make some changes for the next race.

I did not list this as one of my preseason events and going in rated it a 'C' priotity. I had 9 hrs. of riding for the week so the overall goals for the race were to finish in the top half and stay consident for the 2 laps. I finished 8th of 20 and my second lap was a minute slower than the first. The other riders in my cat. had similar second lap increases so I can say I met both goals. Not with flying colors, but the glass is more than half full.

This is a rest and recovery week in the schedule. I will have some time to review my training and make some changes.

Wednesday, April 22

3 Days of Rain

It's Wednesday morning and the rain is still hanging around. It's spotty and the ground is wet. I hope it clears out by noon so I can have a better ride today. Yesterday I went out between radar blobs thinking I was safe for a couple hours? NO! I got caught by a short 10 minute dumping with some sleet added in for fun.

I am registered for PLRA TT this Sunday, so now the 'scattered thunderstorms' need to hold off until the evening.

Sunday, April 19

Spring Riding

I haven't done much riding on the road bike since the last post. I did cross the 1,000 mile mark for the season, currently 1206 at 82 hrs. Instead I've taken advantage of the dry dirt roads and trails. Went out to PLRA today for 3 loops of rough riding. I averaged 46.5 minutes a lap so I'm happy.

Most of the rides have been from home to Stony Creek or dirt roads in N. Oakland County, including two failed attempts at Bald and Addison. Still too wet there.

This week's focus will be on balancing the not so scheduled work of landscaping, riding and family obligations. Along with the seasons first race, the Pontiac Lake TT. I will post the results and recap on Sunday.

Thursday, April 2

Trail Day......

Hit Stony today for a 2hr stroll through the woods. Still soft in some spots, but it was nice getting in the trails yet again.

The weekend looks iffy? I am still planning on PLRA for Saturday, but that could change.

Road 'Racing' will take place after the Easter holiday. FRCC #3, Kensignton Valley, and maybe Cone-Azalia. These will be training races. I will put in the effort, but will not worry about the results.
Oh yah......the post ride beverage. Second of the season.

Wednesday, April 1

April 1st. No fools here.

It's time for the fun to begin. I received some good news over the last couple days.

1) Oberon has arrived for 09.
2) Tool is touring again this summer.
(so are NIN w/ Janes Addiction)
3) Beer and Brat Fest at Crystal Mtn.