Sunday, April 29

Remember What's Important.

What are your goals/priorities for family, work and riding? Can you really balance it all or do you sacrifice somewhere? I can only speak for myself.

Family and work come before anything else and for now riding is a weekend (if I'm lucky) activity. I've struggled with that since BRX. Life is busy and I'm a husband, father, son, friend, boss, contractor.......  I know I'm not the only one or am I looking for pity.  I have just recently come to accept, for now, that riding and racing will have to be sacrificed. My racing goals have changed and there is still plenty of time to ride. As for the ones who live, breath and sleep racing, What are your goals? What are your strengths? 

Very few can be a sprinter and marathon runner or be competitive for 9 months.

Work the plan, asses and evaluate.  Make adjustments and learn. At the end of the day I hope we are all just riding for fun.