Sunday, April 24

And So It Begins.....

.....Not with a bang, but a whimper.  My 2011 racing season has started with the Pontiac Lake TT.  I finished 3rd in Cat 1, 40-49 and for some this would be a good result, but not for me.  I'm disappointed with my time.  I came across in 1:29:xx vs. last years 1:24:xx and a goal of 41:00 minute laps if the weather held.  The weather didn't hold and the trail was slower than the week leading up, but 5 minutes slower is too much.  I hope when the results are posted I can see the splits and try to see if I just faded or am that far off.  Either way there is work to be done.  In order to move forward I need to see where I'm coming from, so let's look at the 'riding' so far.
     2011 miles started on Jan. 17 and I accumulated 498 miles and 31.5 hours by March 14. (roughly 2 months) Nothing ground breaking here.  From March 14 to present (6 weeks) 387 miles and 22 hours. Still nothing ground breaking, perhaps even poor. Grand total = 885 miles and 53.5 hours YTD (14 weeks). What, if anything, can I take from this? 885/14=63.2 avg. miles per week. 53.5/14=3.8 avg. hrs. per week.
     Last season, at this time, I had twice the miles/hrs (1675/109.5) and had a strong Spring/Summer and Fell off in the Fall/Winter.  Maybe this year I'll start slower and finish stronger? It will take another 8 months to find out. For now I'll continue to enjoy the ride and take races as they come.  If that means X place then so be it.  It doesn't take away I had a great day hanging out and racing my bike. In the end that's what means something. Great people and great experiences. Though I hope registration moves better. Next up is the 6hrs of Stony. I'm planning on bettering last years performance and completing 7 laps in the time allowed. Not sure where that will but me in the results, but it will be a victory for me.
     Thanks again to all the people I talked with. Congratulations to all the winners. Good luck in reaching your goals.

Sunday, April 10

Hello Summer?

Today it was 80+ degrees! Too Hot for me this early in the year.  It will help dry things up on the trails though and thats great.  I did get out to Stony Creek and peddle around the single/two track for 20 miles and was surprised how dry things were.  It's been a cold, wet spring and I wasn't sure how long it would take before the trail(s) would be ready. 

Glad they are. 

I missed the peace the trail gives me.  How I feel like nothing else matters for that period of time when the trees, rocks and roots are going by.  That feeling of flowing through turns and powering up climbs.  For me there's nothing like it.  It reminds me of when I was a kid and built trails behind my house in the woods and would spend hours riding the same 100 yards over and over.  It never got old.  Now I have more trails to choose from and each has it's specailty, but I enjoy Stony Creek.  It can be enjoyed in so many different ways that it is one of my favorites.  Dirt roads have there moments, but they serve more for milage than childhood fun.

Soon mtb racing begins and people start to judge and compete, but hopefully they don't forget why they ride.  Good luck to ALL this season weather you're on dirt or road and I'll see you around.