Monday, September 22

Waterford 1 and 2.......Still Working

Having 24 hours to think about the weekend I'm remaining positive and looking forward. I wasn't involved in the selections or made any spectacular moves but I managed to not get lapped and finished both days.

The competition is strong and very competitive. There's a solid group of 5-7 guys who can make a go of it. The season won't get any easier, but my fitness will improve.

Day 2 was definitely worse. Had a better start, but shortly into lap one the HR just didn't want to go up and legs felt heavy. Bpm ave. was down from day one and I couldn't hold the passing 45+ group. Time to recover and get back to it.

Great racing guys and Congratulations to Queen Ann for taking both days in the women's elite.

Sunday, September 7

It's Only the Beginning. ALMA GP of Cyclocross

I'll start with the formality of saying Thank You to JB Hancock, his volunteers and sponsors for getting this race to happen. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice to make the day a success. Yeah the course was 'BUMPY' but we all had to deal with it.  I definitely have some blisters and a soar anus.

Once again I'm racing in the Masters 35+ and the depth of the field keeps growing. This is a great thing and helps elevate the level of competition for our group.  My race was nothing special and I won't give a blow by blow, just a quick summary.

Pre-race rituals went smooth but I wasn't excited about the race. I was try to psych myself up, trying to lift my enthusiasm.  It just wasn't working.  Lined up second row and waited for the whistle.

Going into turn one I'm in my typical dead last, feeling very comfortable and having work to do. The rest of the race is going through all the emotions of pain, suffering, wanting to quit, what am I doing, etc. 2 to go, bell lap and it's over.

Not sure my end result because timing system was down and results took some time being finalized.  Overall I'm happy with the day and my race.  I'm further along then the start of last season and will practice my starts and doing some more specific CX 'training'.  Waterford is in 2 weeks and I only plan on improving.

Congratulations to Shaun Welch on his 3rd place Cat 3 podium.
Congratulations to Brad Lako and John Osgood on the 1st and 2nd in Masters 35+
Congratulations to all the finishers and podium results