Wednesday, March 23

Hello Spring?

The calendar says Spring, but Mother Nature is saying different.  My goal of staying consistent with my riding and maintaining at least 5-6 days on the bike isn't going so well.  I can deal with the cold  and wind, but the snow is the problem.  I have to be on call for the storms and make sure I'm rested in case we get accumulations.  That means poor sleep and the sit and wait approach.  It has to end sometime? 
My first planned event isn't until the Pontiac Lake TT, so I have a month to get some AT work in.  Good luck to all heading over for Barry-Roubaix.  The weather looks cold and try, so have fun!  I'm going to venture into North East Oakland County again for two days of 40 mile rides and dirt road hills.
For those who don't know and care, I can now be followed on F'book along w/ Twitter.

Sunday, March 13

Spring Forward

It's already the middle of March and a taste of Spring is on it's way.  I managed 6.5 hours on the Niner this week for 108 miles.  I know some of you did more on Saturday alone.  The rides feel great and for now I'm just trying to log miles.  I'm way behind were I thought I'd be, but with the snow, a new company launch and the always increasing family obligations, my riding has not been top priority.  No regrets, just be ready for the events I want. 

This week my goal is to get in a couple 2 hour rides (Friday and Sunday), but that might not happen because there is a lot going on.  Certification classes M-W for 8 hours, son 1 baseball practice Tuesday and Saturday. Son 2 basketball Thursday and Saturday, plus Scouts Tuesday. Proposal deadlines for clients and time for the wife.  Not much time for riding, but the lights are charging and the temps look good so I can do it!

The Facebook account is now up and I'm learning my way around, so be patient and thanks to those who have 'friend'ed so far.

That's it for now, more next weekend. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 1


Smells like Provolone? Enough said.