Monday, September 23

2 Days of Being Off the Back.

Two days of cyclocross at Waterford Raceway this weekend and not any highlights from me.  Felt good both days and liked the layout, unfortunately that didn't help with my results. My fitness is still way off the rest of the group.  This weekend was better than Ithaca but I'm not used to going that hard for that long.  I'll keep showing up, fighting and finishing. 

The other guys I race with are great.  Everyone seems to respect one another and that helps when the whistle blows.  Everyone races hard but guys aren't taking one another out.  Before and after the race we talk, pre-ride and help each other if needed.  It makes for a great experience and keeps me wanting more.

Great racing by Brian W and Andy F on Day 2.
Tough Break to Osgood on another tire issue.
Thanks to all we cheered and supported me.

See you at Lower Huron.

Sunday, September 8

It's Cross Season Now!

My first time racing the Ithaca GP and I will remember it for a long time.  The venue was great and everything ran smooth.  The field for the Masters 35+ was stacked and my goal for the day was to finish.  It's still early for my 'fitness' and not having raced since Barry Roubaix I knew the day was going to be very tough.

I registered early so was lined up on the front row.  I was in good spirits and feeling loose, just waiting for the whistle.  Off we go and from the gun I'm going backwards. Guys quickly getting by, my legs not doing what I want.  I complete the first 2-3 laps and try to settle in and salvage something.  It's not working.  The tank is already drained and all I can hope for now is to not blow ski high and to just finish.

I keep it going, get lapped, see Osgood walking and have a chat. Two more laps left and I'm done.  Not much of a race for me.  Instead it was a character builder and motivator.  Hopefully the worst is behind me and I'm more prepared for the 2 days at Waterford.

Great seeing everyone.  Thanks to all who cheered me every lap.  Congratulations to all the winners, finishers and first timers.

See you in 2 weeks.