Saturday, February 20

A Tale of Two (three) Seasons

I've been riding since January 15. Mileage 651.6 / Hours 42:53:00 / Steps 3990. Steady as she goes. The weather has been good, but it seems lately that as soon as conditions improve another snow storm comes and messes things up for a couple days. Oh well, could be worse.

The season ahead will be broken down into 2/3 mini seasons. Endurance races, xc then cyclocross. The progression should work out well. Long Zone 2 miles, then a combination of endurance and intervals, concluding with all out anaerobic riding.

The endurance races are new for me so the main objective is to finish and keep lap times consistent. I have loftier goals for xc and cyclocross that include hardware. We'll have to wait and see. More details to come as 'races' get closers.

The sun is shining again this morning, but not for long, so it's time to get moving and enjoy another ride.