Sunday, August 29

Stony Creek XC

The final race of the USAC series was held this weekend at Stony Creek.  I arrived at 9 am for the 10 am start, a new best for me, and was able to take my time getting ready.  I finally saddled up at 9:30 for a 20 minute warm-up. A short restroom stop and time to stage.  I must have shown up late because I had to line up in the second row.

Robert blew the whistle and off we go.  Up the first climb I was about 5th.  Entering the 'roller coaster' It was obvious Simmon was slow in the single track and holding up the group.  I called for him to take a high line and Tom and I made the pass.  We held places through the two track and paced behind someone until the 'pines'.  Tom shot around and I followed.  Out of the 'pines' I made my move.  I pulled around Tom midway to the left hand turn.  After the turn I stood and attacked all the way up the next two climbs.  I put a gap in and focused on catching Jimmie.  It took a bit, but I spotted him towards the end of the lap.  We turned right off the two track and headed for the 'sled hill'.  WTF! Jimmie went through the pink flags. Me and some spectators starting yelling that he cut the coarse.  Lap one is complete.

Lap 2- The legs and body were feeling good.  I settled in and continued pushing on.  Entering the 'roller coaster' I notice Jimmie up ahead.  He didn't turn around and cut the coarse.  I caught up and told him the next lap 'go up the hill'.  I sat on and let Jimmie pull me until we reached the 'pines'  I pulled around and entered the single track first.  I tried to gab him and pull away.  It seemed to work, but I dropped my chain on the 'hill' and had to run up.  I lost some momentum and Jimmie pulled me back.  We finished lap 2 together.

Lap 3- Going up the first climb I talked to Jimmie and asked if he was in 1st.  He said  'yes'.  I told him we can work together and finish strong.  Going into the 'roller coaster' we ran wheel to wheel.  I was getting some arm pump and started making some mistakes.  I clipped a tree and Jimmie gapped me.  I had to chase for the remaining of the lap.  Through the start / finish we were still together. 

Lap 4- Going up the first climb I took the left line and passed Jimmie to lead into the single track.  I kept tempo and my HR around 160.  Jimmie was falling back.  I couldn't sit up.  I kept a steady pace and completed the lap. 1st place with a time of about 2:13:xx

The race felt good, but there are somethings I need to work on.  Congratulations to Mark for his win in the Sport Clydesdale and Keith for his 2nd place for the race and series.  Next race is Addison Oaks Fall Classic.

Monday, August 9

Pontiac Lake XC

Going into the race I had a handful of rides in the past two weeks.  The longest being 2:45:00, a couple 2 hr, and a couple 1:30:00.  The form seemed to be holding so I was hopeful of a strong ride. 

I made my way to the front line and waited for the whistle.

The race is on.  Whoops, I can't get clipped in and get shuffled back to about 6th or 7th.  I want to make a pass before we cross the two track, but no luck.  The trail opens up before the before the first real climb, so I make a pass.  The trail now clear ahead so I settle into a rythm.  Soon I see Brad on the side of the trail and it seems he has blown a tire.  (Rough break)  Things go well for me the remaining lap.

Lap 2 continues running smooth until just past the air field.  I was alone for sometime and began talking to myself.  I was caught by Paul and Don, leaders of the 40-49, and dug-in to hold their wheels.  It lasted about 5 minutes.  I rode the remaining race alone.

The full rigid setup took it's toll.  My upper body was tired and I wasn't having any fun the last lap.  I just wanted it over. 

Congratulations to Jamie and Adam for the top two steps.

The final numbers are. 2:09:18 for 3 laps. Avg. Hr. 161 / Max 178.  Z3-00:05:16 Z4-01:34:50 Z5-00:29:07