Sunday, December 26

From A-Cross the Pond

A picture from tomorrows 'Superprestige' in Diegem, Belgium.  Livestream on
coverage starts around 5pm or 5:30 Belgium time = 11 am or so Michigan time.  Will update via twitter when things go live.

Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Here's a gift for all you cross fans- Universal Sports (channel 295 on Comcast Oakland) is broadcasting 3 UCI races nxt week, if you missed the live streams. Monday- Igorre, Spain. Wednesday- Plzen, Czech. Friday- Koksijde, Belgium. All start at 4 am and are 1 hour.

Sunday, December 19

Short Recap and Sneak @ 2011

With 2010 being my first real race season in many years I started my training on Thursday, January 14.  My goal was 100 miles a week for 6-8 weeks then start base training mid March.  By the first week of April I was at 89 hours and 1352 miles.  I had a BAD Barry Roubaix because ALL my taining had been Z2 or lower, with no threshold or hard efforts.  The training took shape and the season started going very well.  I had a mishap going into the 6 hours of Stony Creek which caused me to start a hour late and also suffered a rear flat and at Peak 2 Peak my rear derailleur got glogged, causing me to dissmount and clean.  These were my only major race incidents.  Training got derailed a couple of times, but overall went well until September. 

After the Addison Oaks Fall Classic training fell off.  As of September 13, I was at 192 hours / 2924 miles, my current season total is 241 hours / 3563 miles.  This lack of focus and training hurt my Ice Man and later CX races.  I lost my endurance and faded in many late season races.

Next season's training starts now and the plan is changing a bit.  My XC season is focused on the 'classics' (Barry-Roubaix, Ore 2 Shore, Cry Baby, Ice Man) and endurance races (Lumber Jack 100, 6 hrs of Stony, Boyne Marathon), while CX is about 'the series' and 'states'.

2010 Final Numbers- 241 hours / 3563 miles (so far)
XC Expert 30-39 results- 2-1st, 2-2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th (2nd Ice Man / wave 6 start)
CX 'Bs' and Master 35+ - 3-1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th (State Champ 40-44)

Tuesday, December 14

State Champ.....What's Left?

Things where very busy leading up to States and haven't slowed much since.  With the snow and changing weather I've been trying to catch up with the seasons and am almost there.  Enough about personal things, time for cycling and CX States.

As most of us know it was cold and windy, so 'warm-up' was a bit of a challenge for me.  I did manage to get in 2 laps before the whistle blew for line up and I was ready.  As usual I had a poor start, last place going into the first left turn, so I needed to make moves quickly and take some chances.  I worked my way to 3rd or 4th midway through the race and was feeling good / not great, so I decided to try and conserve some energy for the end of the race, so I didn't blow up as bad this time.  I was riding with Goocher, Johnson and Bailey and waiting to see what happened next.  It didn't take long.  David Johnson decided to launch an attack, just out of the woods, to break up our small group.  I went with him and Simon jumped on behind me, we lost Goocher and were heading for 2 to go.

The tempo down the fence line was tough for me and really hurt.  We went over the 'Orange Crush' together but by the time we headed to the Start/ Finish I lost contact with Simon and David and was about 8-10 bike lengths behind.  I dug deep to bridge back but I was starting to make small mistakes and loosing even more time.  Coming to the bell lap I knew anything was possible in CX, so I continued digging for another 1/2 lap.  Soon after the back barrier section I felt the race was over, I wasn't going to catch and had no pressure from behind so I finished in 5th on the day and 2nd in age category 40-44.  David Johnson is from Ohio so I wound up 1st for Michigan Men Masters 40-44.

It has been a great year back (see 2010 races >).  I did some races last season, but planned and trained for this year.  I have more to learn and races to see, so next years plan is already in the works.  So far it looks like I will be focusing on Michigan Classics and Endurance races with a stronger commitment to the Tailwinds CX season.  I will stay with Expert for CX but now will be in the 40-44 group and Masters 35+ for CX.  I'm looking for some changes for sponsorship so we'll see what happens.  Updates will be posted monthly, if not more frequently.  This weekend I plan on sharing my 2010 ride stats and early plan for 2011.

Monday, December 6


Where did I go?  I received my 'trophy and jersey'. I have a valid annual liscense. WTF!

More in a couple days.