Monday, October 29


Lake Orion High School was a new venue and the coarse layout was a great mix of flats, hills, curves and sand.  It was deceptively tough, with few spots to recover. Normally that's good for me but there are some very strong, fast guys in the field and I'm still behind when it comes to fitness. It was still great getting out and riding the tape.

Great weekend for Andy Weir, Alex Monte-Sano and John Osgood (despite a crash on day 2). You guys keep bringing it every weekend.

Congratulations to Sven for 2 strong days in the Elite's and DC for clinching the title in Masters 45+

Brad Lako - Thanks for cheering and nice racing! Keep it going and stay motivated.

Next stop is Iceman 2012. The train will be Hauling Ass so I better hold on tight.

Saturday, October 27

What's "IT" All About?

For me it's about the personal challenge and the MI scene.  If you DON'T get "IT" try a Wednesday night Ice Baby ride, find a cross race or travel to Traverse City next weekend.  Yeah folks want to do well, but in my experience, it's about the ride.  Guys and girls are happy to cheer, lend a hand and share a beer.  Don't sweat the small stuff and worry about others finishing time or placing.  Worry about yourself and are YOU doing what you can or want.  Stop hating, pointing and being anonymous. Unless you hate negativity, are pointing at something sweet or anonymously helping others.

Sunday, October 21

It's Been A Rough Few Weeks.

This will be short.  Since a lack luster Kensington 2 day CX, racing has been rough.  Grampian was a disaster and P2P even worse.  There is a glimmer of hope though.  This past Saturday was the Mad Anthony CX, a place that has treated me well.  I decided to do the 'A' race and see how things went.

I had a good race.  Not sure my placing but I raced for the full hour and was able to hang with some fast guys. I averaged 168 bpm for the effort and I'm happy with how 'training' is going.  Lake Orion 2 day this coming weekend and then the final XC race of the year.

Thanks again for all who cheer, heckle and make riding a bike fun.

Monday, October 1

Kensington CX 1.5 Day

It was finally time for my CX season to start and being at a new venue and not much racing this year I had the race jitters.  I knew J Osgood and Shawn Schaffert have been racing strong and I didn't know who else was going to be racing so I didn't have any real expectations for Day 1 but to get one under my belt.

DAY 1 - I started 2nd row against the tape and thought I was safe from getting pinched but that wasn't so.  Mark Caffyn got a wheel in front and I had to settle back.  The group seemed to hold together for a while and I was content to follow.  We completed lap 1 and the leaders were still 'close' so I remained calm but things soon changed. I was riding behind Andy, not paying attention and a gap had opened.  I couldn't seem to find a good place to get around and had to wait.  Late in lap 2 I make the pass and have lost major ground but have a clear coarse so I but my head down and go. I'm gaining ground on some and can see Shawn slowly coming back. Leading into Lap 4 I'm feeling good and know it's a matter of time before I reach Shawn but then on the back of the coarse my sidewall gives out and 'POP' my race is over.

DAY 2 - I started 2nd row again which had a similar result but today the leaders weren't waiting around, the pace was quicker and the race seemed to blow apart in the first lap.  I made similar mistakes to day one and had to fight again to make up any ground.  I clawed my way up to 6th and had Brian W in my sites but it wasn't going to happen. I couldn't close and that was it.

Not my best races but once again I learned something. Most know what it is so I won't go into detail.  I'll just keep working and trying to improve.  Next couple weeks are back to MTB with Grampian and P2P then back to CX with a place that has been very good to me Mad Anthony.

Great racing Adam York, John Osgood, Don Cameron, Brad Lako and Tom Payn.  Very sold 2 days!

Thanks to Tailwinds for another venue.  Thanks to Tom Clark for the companionship, to and from the race. each day and Thanks to all who cheered me on it helps a great deal. Finally to Shaun Welch for the pictures and offering his wheel.