Monday, October 7

Not Last, 3 First and an 8th

My first CX race at Lower Huron and I wasn't disappointed.  I liked the layout and the fact that conditions where wet made the day even better.  I was feeling loose and ready to see if I was gaining on the other Masters guys.  Having finished dead last ALL season, there was only one way to go. I went through the normal prerace routine and then put on the new racing colors for their first CX race.  Lined up behind Lako and wait for the whistle.

Off we go and I miss my left peddle, can't get clipped and find myself behind the 45 guys heading down the opening straight.  Here we go again.  Racing off the back.  I stay calm and know it's time to get on that wheel in front.  We hit the first few turns and I'm back on before the sand.  I mark Todd F. and decide he's the first carrot.  I stay with him and feel good.  We are catching guys and making ground.  I'm still feeling good and decide to push forward.  I was holding well on the asphalt straights but felt held up on the grass so I knew when I needed to make my move.  I'm not sure how many times or on what laps but I past several guys coming off the back straight and over the barriers.  My weakest point on the course was the slick climb, I lost a few spots there. and it's something I need to work on.

It wasn't the best race I ever had.  I finished 8th.  It was, by far, the best race of this season.  I didn't get lapped and I finished 1:30 off second place.  Given that they lapped me at Ithaca, I'll take it for now. 

Won't be at Mad Anthony this year because of the conflict with P2P.  Thanks again to all who cheered and took photos.

The Masters 35+ group is deep and very competitive this year.  A solid group of strong guys.  Vets park will be tough given the hilly terrain.  I have a month to get ready and hope to be in the mix.  Great racing with everyone.

Congrats to Lako on his top 5 and Alex for his late Birthday win.