Tuesday, November 25

CX State Championships is Over.

Tuesday night and still no results posted?

Oh well guess I need to wait a bit longer to get confirmation on how slow I was. Can't expect much when all the riding you've done in the past month is Cincy 3, Iceman and CX States recon. Weekend warrior doesn't get the job done. No excuses here just the truth.

Great seeing people show up to cheer and race.  Could always use more but I'll take what I can get.

The Rabbit wins in convincingly.

Cyclocross network takes the rest of the podium and leaves Hoffner 5th.

DC has some trouble in the mud and 'let's' Thompson win?

Saari spoils the Mstrs35+ and leaves Simon to fight it out with Osgood. Damn Monkey still riding shotgun!

Next up is DICX?, ALMA Fun Day then off to Regionals. I love this Shit!

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  1. Time to stretch the rubber band just a little bit more.